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April Fool's Treat from Ken Charles--"The Naughty Maid"

This story is not intended for those individuals under the age of eighteen, or for those individuals who are unusually sensitive to adult or sexually oriented materials.  For the rest of you, enjoy. 

by Ken Charles
     She is ringing the bell furiously as the maid runs in, curtsies awkwardly, and inquires timidly, "You rang, Madam?"
     "No, dear, the house is haunted and the bell rang all by its l'il ol' self. Of course, I rang you little cretin! Where have you been?"
     "I was in the..."
     "Shut up!" She walks over and takes the terrified maid by the ear. She marches the maid over to the end table. She runs her finger over the highly polished surface, leaving an eight inch line in the faintest hint of accumulated dust. "Look at this mess! You know there will be guests here at 8:00?"
     "Yes, Madam, I know, but..." quakes the poor maid.
     "I've had all I can take of your incompetence! I'm calling the agency, right now!"
     "Please, Madam," the maid pleads, "I know I've disappointed you, but I'll do much better! Please give me another chance!"
     That is exactly what she wanted to hear. She smiles wickedly at the maid, then delivers an unexpected slap. "I'll probably hate myself, but I'll give you one last chance. But this work is inexcusable. If you want your position, then go fetch my hairbrush from my dresser. And be back here in two minutes if you know what's good for you!"
     "Thank you, Madam, thank you!" The maid curtsies awkwardly before running off for the brush. They will have to work on that curtsy, but there simply is not enough time this morning. She smiles as the maid departs. There is no way that the maid can make it to her bedroom and back in two minutes. That will be sufficient cause to take down the panties! She is waiting by the picture window when the maid returns with the old fashioned wooden hair brush. She almost laughs aloud at the curtsy, but manages to maintain her poker face. "I said, not more than two minutes! Where have you been?"
     The poor maid stammers, "I-I was just...."
     "Silence!" She takes a seat on the piano bench. "Get your worthless little ass over here!"
     The maid meekly approaches, and submissively turns over the hair brush. She points to her lap. Without a word, the maid bends across her knee. She flips up the maid's skirt and delivers two quick, hard smacks with her hand. "I had planned on just giving you a brief reminder of your duties. However, since you dawdled in fetching the brush, I'm afraid you've earned a full bare bottom lesson with the brush!" She yanks down the maid's panties, then gives the maid several more smacks with her hand. She then picks up the brush, and rubs the bristles over the maid's reddening orbs. "You will count the strokes, and thank me after each one. If you don't thank me, I won't know how much you appreciate this lesson, and I'll have to start over. Do you understand?"
     "Yes, thank you, Madam!"
     "Very well, then, you may beg for the first."
     “Please, Madam, I've done a very poor job of cleaning for the guests. Please help instruct me to do a better job."
     She flips the brush over, and rubs the cool hard wood on the maid's waiting backside. "Very well." She lifts the brush, and gives the maid a sharp smack across both cheeks.
     "Oh, thank you Madam."
     "You did well to thank me, but you forgot to count. So we will start again." She pauses. After several seconds, she delivers three quick smacks in succession. While the maid gasps, she reminds the maid, "We will start again. You may ask for the first."
     "Th-Thank you, Madam. May I-I have the first?"
     "Yes, you may." She lifts the brush, and applies a crisp smack to the left cheek.
     "One, thank you, Madam," the maid adds hastily.
     "Very well done." She promptly smacks the right cheek.
     "Two, thank you, Madam," the maid intones.
     A third whack catches the bottom of both cheeks and the tops of the maid's thighs and causes the maid to cry out before counting. But a steady rhythm of alternating left and right cracks allow the maid to respond in a more timely manner until the twentieth smack when the tears begin to flow. She is having a wonderful time, but time is short. At three dozen smacks, she puts down the brush and massages the maid's blazing buns. She relishes the heat. The maid starts to sigh and lift up against her hand. So she quickly gives the maid six more smacks with her open palm.
     She takes and places the maid in the corner. Warning the maid to hold on to the raised skirt, she goes to the master bathroom and runs a hot bath. She strips and sits on the side of the tub, placing one leg on the faucet. She plays with herself as the tub fills, and climaxes just in time to keep it from over filling. Even though time is so short, she decides to treat herself to a bonus.
     Without bothering to dress, she returns to the maid who dutifully remains sobbing in the corner with a well punished bottom on full display. She silently kneels behind the maid and runs her tongue across the red mounds. The maid moans as she runs her nails down the inside of the maid's thighs. She knows this will not take long. Her hands slide between the maid's legs, and in a few deft strokes, brings the maid to full ecstasy.
     She rises and licks the maid's ear. "Your board meeting is at 11:00, sir. I've drawn you a bath. I'm going to lay out your suit, then I'll come in and give you a nice shave. Mrs. Edward's plane is due in at 2:40, and the guests are due at 7:30. I don't understand why she has to have company on her first day back in town. I'll have to spend hours cleaning up after you!"
     She nips his ear, and runs off to pick out his suit. Her job is so much nicer when Madam is out of town.
KC copyright 2007; Moral rights to be identified as the author of the foregoing story asserted worldwide (including in Great Britain in accordance with Sections 77 and 78 of the Copyright, Designs and Patent Act of 1988) 

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