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May Treat from Ken Charles--"The Pediatrician And The Birth Of The Nereid"

The Pediatrician And The Birth Of The Nereid

Seventeen deliveries in the two days before, fourteen hours of flight delays, and two missed connections, and here he was sunning himself on a secluded beach in the Greek Isles. Total seclusion - not a beeper, fax or cellular phone within thirty nautical miles. The pediatrician could not believe it himself.
He closes his eyes and listens to the siren's call of the wind and the surf. He luxuriates in the warmth of the crystal clear morning Mediterranean sun. He laughs out loud, reflecting on his seventeen deliveries in two days. Obviously, he was the only one in the whole county who had no time for sex.
After a brief nap, he rises and strips out of his shorts to go for a swim. As he approaches the shore, he notices a peculiar green froth begin to rise in the water. The closer he gets to the water, the sharper grow his senses. He is filled with a deep sense of life.
The waters begin to churn. The pediatrician stares in wonder at the miracle of the water parting to allow the diminutive vision slowly to rise from the depths. The sunlight sparkles in her long, waving, sea-green hair. She stretches as her perfect mother-of-pearl breasts clear the foam. Already he can tell that Botticelli is turning over in his grave with envy.
She continues to rise, as does his appreciation and a certain part of his anatomy. She stands atop the waves, and shakes the water from her hair. He hardly notices that the drops turn to pearls as they fall. She smiles, and lightly skips across the surf towards him. He feels the blood coursing through his veins. He calls out to her, but she does not say a word. It has only been seconds since her appearance, but his instincts are raging! She is almost ashore. He calls to her again, and she smiles and lifts her arms toward him. But still she remains silent! As she steps ashore, the pediatrician reaches out to her. He grabs her petite ankles in one hand, flips her upside down, turns her, and gives her a firm smack on her pearly bottom. Her eyes widen in surprise. She lets out a howl, wriggles out of his grasp, and disappears back into the depths.

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