Monday, September 12, 2011

Local Authors' Book Fair at Kirkwood Public Library

Saturday was the first Local Authors' Book Fair at Kirkwood Public Library. It was sparsely, but enthusiastically attended.  Thank you, Pat Rohan.

Although I have taught and spoken to groups of several hundred as an attorney, this was my first appearance as an author. Generously, I'll give myself a C+ to B-. Got out some of the essentials about Earth Angel and its creation, but was shaky on the human interest aspects. Note to self-plan ahead, less improv.

Other authors included M.R. Sellars, Fred Miller, Greg Wolk, Alex Bess (a published Kirkwood H.S. sophomore fantasy writer!), William Mathis, Ellie Jones, Richard Fuegner, John Nischwitz and Ralph Wright OSB.

Linda Hopson of Roo to You made an awesome cake. Pictures are available on FB under Alexx Momcat or Charlie Kenmore.

Added bonus -- Alexx and I had lunch with M.R. Sellars. 

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