Monday, July 2, 2012


     It’s official. Yes, Virginians, there is a Santa Claus. Santa Claus is about seven miles south of US 64 at Exit 63 in Indiana. For the skeptics among you, a picture of Alexx Momcat and Santa at the city limits of Santa Claus, Indiana can be found on Facebook and Alexx Mom Cat’s Gateway Book Blog. 

     Special thanks and kudos to Stephen Zimmer. It’s not easy to cram a year’s work into a couple of months, but he did it (despite having his staff appropriated out from under him). 

     I hate “I told you so’s,”, but FandomFest Weekend was filled with food and family, just as I warned. It was tremendous meeting so many of our e-family in one place. An extra star for Raven, Bill, Susan and Mama who let us hold Baby Alice.

     Gentleman Celebrity of the Fest Award -- We have a tie. On Friday morning, I ran into John Rhys-Davies. I took a moment to tell him that I’ve enjoyed his work for many years. I didn’t expect to take up any more of his time, but he saw my “Author” tag, and asked me about my writing. This brief exchange won me the “neener, neener” battle with Alexx Momcat.

   On Saturday, someone gave me lots of Kharma points by scheduling me for a reading with Angelia Sparrow in the Holly Room past the swimming pool at the same time as one of Timothy Zahn’s presentations. Although I missed the presentation, at least I had time to make a pitch to Inkstained Succubus Productions. However, on Sunday, we found Mr. Zahn wandering the vendor area. He not only signed Alexx’s autograph book and bookplates for us (since we pulled his books out but forgot to bring them), he also came over to where Alexx was nursing her sore knee so we could get his picture with her.

     Honorable Hearsay Mention goes to James Marsters for his brilliant performance in “The Photo Op” co-starring Selah Janel.

     Say What? Award-- Hands down, this award goes to Galt House Parking. We were charged three different rates on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

     Just Nod and Agree with Them Award -- We have another tie. This one goes to the tandem of Lee Martindale and James Tuck. In the immortal words of Stan Lee, “‘Nough said’.”

     Best “Take That, You homophobic, diabetic!” Award -- Crymsyn Hart.

     Shortest Skirt Viewed on the Third Floor Breezeway Award -- sorry, what were we talking about?

     Breast of Show Award -- the Eyeballs Lady.

     Best Concealed 30 Foot Aquarium Award -- Al J’s (the Breezeway bar).

     Highest Hotel Speedbumps in North America Award -- the Galt House.

     Thickest Still Intelligible Accent Award -- Tally Johnson.

     Pout of Show -- Raven (I earned it. But two chocolate muffins later, I think I’m forgiven. Hope so any way.)

     Best Refill My Psycodelic Pen Supply Award -- Kathleen Sullivan

     I had high expectations for the weekend, and they were met and exceeded. Looking forward to seeing some of you at Archon this fall, and the rest of you next year. 



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