Thursday, October 31, 2013

SSB - Excerpt from "The Mercies of Cinderella" by Ken Charles

Welcome Saturday Spanking Bloghoppers and all you ships at sea. Here is a selection from "The Mercies of Cinderella": 

Elder screamed. Step Mother raised the brush again, and brought it down with another resounding crack. Whack! Crack! Smack! Elder screamed again and again. The Black Justice Wood brush, which would give no pain where none was warranted, left another pulsating, rubescent weal with every smack. Crack!


“How dare you lie about your sister? Have you no shame?”

Whack! Smack! Crack!

If Elder had earlier vowed to keep her modesty, as the fire in her nether cheeks rivaled and then surpassed the blaze that lit her visage, such vows were forsaken, as she kicked and squirmed so that everyone in the lower right gallery was treated to a fine view of all of her treasures. Crack! Crack! Crack! 


Check out The Mercies of Cinderella by Ken Charles
This is no Disney princess!

Payback is a bitch, and so at times is Cinderella. Cinderella is about to marry Prince Charming. Her evil Step Mother and Stepsisters have been convicted of high treason for their conspiracy to prevent the Prince from finding his true love, and are awaiting sentencing. Before the Prince passes sentence, Cinderella asks to take them into her custody for a year to determine whether she may speak on their behalves. The Prince grants her request, and remands the Step relations to one year under the tender mercies of Cinderella.

During this year, while Cinderella basks in the boundless love of the Prince and the joy of her first pregnancy, she applies the hard lessons she learned growing up to her Stepsisters, expressing her concern for their moral edification and well being with various paddles, straps, and even the scopula of a giant trap-door spider. Step Mother, who taught her that nothing in life is free, has to pay for her keep with sexual favors for all who provide her with any goods or services.


  1. Very different, interesting concept. I need to read more, you have me hooked.

  2. Step Mother wields a wicked brush, and I can't wait to see it whack her evil backside! ;-)

  3. Nice domestic spank set in a fairytale.

  4. ooh, the black justice hair brush that gives no pain when not warranted. Love it!

    PS - can you turn off captcha for Sat Spanks?

  5. Interesting idea. This ain't the same Cinderella I read years ago. :)

  6. Interesting! And owie.Thanks for the snippet!

  7. Wow fairy tale spanking...interesting