Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Charlie Kenmore Imaginarium Convention 2014 Awards

PREEEEEEEESENTING! The first ever, never before awarded, never even heretofore imagined, Charlie Kenmore Imaginarium Convention 2014 Awards. So with tongue firmly planted in cheek (which does not affect my typing), here are the winners:
Horseless White Knight Award -- Frank Hall & Tony Acree for their brilliant save of a damsel who didn’t know she was in distress.

Are Their Asses Still Attached After Working Them Off Award-- Eric and Kylie Jude.

Energizer Bunny Award -- Andrea Judy for outlasting the Masquerade DJ.

Best Pearly Whites of Show -- Alexandra Christian.

She Who Will Be Obeyed Award -- Lee Martindale for, ‘nuff said.

Leaving Good Samaritans in the Dust Award-- Joann H. Buchanan and Jill Campbell and He (who shall not be named) for -- they know.

Maniac, Maniac on the Floor Award -- Alexx Momcat for her gripping performance in the “Time Warp”.

It’s a Small, Small World Award -- The Benns Family and Alexx Momcat and Charlie Kenmore for driving 250 miles to meet people who live 15 minutes apart.

Cupid, Diana and Robin Hood Eat Your Hearts Out Award -- Mysti Parker.

My Eyes Are Up Here Award -- Violet Patterson for her corset enhanced performance at the Masquerade.

Best Party Crasher Award -- Paddlelump Stonemonger for his incomparable reading of tea leaves.

Best Choreography Award--The Masquerade Dancers for the “Time Warp”.

Most Likely to Threaten to Lick You in Public Award -- Susan Roddey for making Alexx Momcat laugh.

Best Candy in Show--Rebekah McAuliffe.

Granny of the Con Award -- MeMe.

Miss, Can I Get Some More Coffee Award -- Selah Janel for her performance as “Flora”.

Real Men Wear Kilts Award--The male ringer (Gil Hough) at the Masquerade dance.

Largest Headwear Award -- Violet Patterson for the Mad Hatter’s Hat.

Real Men Read Dinoporn Award--Bill Roddey for his actions, not his words.

Biggest Puppy Dog Eyes in Show-- Rhianna Benns for her brilliant performance conning Alexx Momcat.

Best Hide and Seek Player in Plain Sight-- Alice Roddey.

Celebrities Are People Too Award--Jeffrey Reddick for talking to everyone like they mattered.

Least Obsessed With Personal Space Award -- Alexandra Christian.

Lady Godiva Wannabee Award -- Lee Martindale.

Don’t Ask Me, I’m Just the Driver Award -- Tally Johnson.

Best Ensemble Performance Award--The Masquerade Dancers for “Paradise By the Dashboard Lights”.

Working in a Cathouse Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means Award--Randy Richards for his feline impersonations.

Only 3 More Cons to Break Even Award--Scott Sandridge and Charlie Kenmore for their fifth panel together through 3 Cons and finally breaking the 10 participant mark.*

Now That’s a Conga Line Award--The Masquerade Dancers for “Jump in the Line”.

NOW THAT’S HOW YOU THROW A LITERARY CON AWARD--Stephen Zimmer, Susan Roddy, Frank Hall and all the incredible staff and volunteers.

* And one fire alarm.

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