Monday, July 29, 2013


Fandomfest 2013 is in the books. So it’s time to determine the winner of this year’s Alexx Momcat/Charlie Kenmore Fandomfest Neener-Neener War II.

As you recall, Charlie blew Alexx away in 2012 with his chance meeting and conversation with John Rhys-Davies. This year, fearful of another devastating loss, Alexx has a dual entry for her Neener-Neener:

A) Passing within three feet of Jason Momoa (yeah, he really is that big); and

B) Being rescued and comforted by Jason David “Tommy” Frank (with photo for proof).

Charlie, who is not breaking into a sweat, has the following for his obvious, winning Neener-Neener:

Standing a foot away from the incomparable, legendary Stan
Lee at Old Spaghetti Factory as Charlie paid the respects of 18 incredible members of the Fandomfest Literary Track. ‘Nuff said.

The rules are simple. Whoever gets the most votes wins. So who do think should win this year’s Neener-Neener war? Please, only one vote per person (unless you are from Chicago and are voting for Charlie).

Alexx Momcat & Charlie Kenmore

Note from Mom Cat:  voting for Charlie is evil

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  1. Seeing Jason is cool (didn't know who the other fellow was) but have to give it to Charlie because Stan Lee is so awesome! Sorry Alexx!