Monday, July 29, 2013


     Fandomfest 2013 is in the books, which means it is time for the Second Annual Fandomfest Awards. So without further ado:

The Award for “Best Performance In A Supporting Role” goes to Violet’s daughter for her role as “Alice” in Take My Mom’s Card, Or Else.

The “Karma Is Watching You” Award goes to Scott Sandridge for his heart-warming performance in I Told You I’d Be There.

The “OMG -- He Really Is That Big” Award goes to Jason Mamoa for just being really as big as he looks on screen.

The Award for best performance in the British/Aussie Accent category goes to Zoe Samuel.

There is a tie for best performance in the “Saving A Damsel In Distress” category for their brilliant work in Photo Op Rescues. And the winners are -- John “Captain Jack Harkness” Barrowman and Jason David “Tommy” Franks.

The “There Is A Glimmer Of Hope” Award goes to Charlie Kenmore for taking three photos in a row where you can tell the subject matter without squinting and holding the photo at arm’s length.

The “Reality Check” Award goes to the Flashing Boobs Fairies.

The “Lots Of Cute Kids, But This One Warrants Special Mention” Award goes to Kid Matt Smith Dr. Who.

The “Best Tadpoles in Show” Award goes to Susan Roddey.

The winners of the “MIA” Awards include:

            “Southern Accent”-- Tally Johnson
            “Chocolate Really Is A Sin”   -- Crymsyn Hart
            “Just ‘Cause You Didn’t Want My Story For Your Anthology Doesn’t Mean You Had To Skip the Con” -- James Tuck

The “Epic Fail” Award for least appropriate costume goes to Flash-with-a-Belly.

The “Most Disgusting But Really Cool Accessory” Award goes to Selah Janel (that’s pronounced “Sail-uh”--c’mon people, we’ve been through this!)

The “Missed Photo Op” Award goes to Charlie Kenmore for failing to carry a camera when the 40 inch tall, 5 year old girl Superhero was fighting the 6 foot 2 inch Venom.

The “Least ‘Likes’ In The Celebrity Gossip Circles” Award goes to William Shatner for just playing himself.

The “Sometimes Introspection Brings A Smile” Award goes to Colin Baker for his performance in “Hello, me” from Fangirl Dressed As Colin Baker-Doctor Who.

The “Just What Is It You’re Selling, Miss?” Award goes to Lena Leather.

The Award for “Grace Under Fire” goes to the Purple Shirt Ensemble.

The “I’m So Bubbly You Don’t Need Champagne” Award goes Allie Justice.

The Award for “Lost - Rebooted” goes to—we have a tie -- the Yellow Shirt Ensemble and the Black Shirt Ensemble.

And finally, as always, the “Thanks For All Your Hard Work From All Of Us” Award goes to, the envelope please:


That’s a wrap for this year. Thank you all for coming.

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