Tuesday, December 17, 2013

SSB--Billy & Alyeska from STWC: Billy's Color Palette by Ken Charles

Welcome SSBloghoppers to the holiday edition bonus excerpt. Tonight's offering is from the phone sex scene between Alyeska and Billy from Ken Charles's forthcoming Sex Tales From West County: Billy's Color Palette.  Glad tidings to all, and enjoy.     

            “During our time together, you will be spanked. The first spanking initially will be by hand, then finished with a leather backed brush. Once I have undressed you down to nothing but your panties, I will put you over my knee. You will receive fifty swats with my hand. Then your panties will be lowered. You will receive fifty more swats with my hand. Your panties will be removed. You will receive six swats with the leather backed brush.”
           Alyeska asked softly, “Do you spank hard?”
           “Sometimes,” Billy answered. “It depends on the reason and purpose of the spanking. This first spanking serves several important purposes. First, it will help you appreciate that during our time together, you belong entirely to me. Second, the heat and sting will serve as a nice counterpoint to the tingles and tickles that you will otherwise experience as we proceed. Third, it will provide an important measure for you to gauge how far and how long you wish to proceed with our time together. Because….” He paused both for effect and to collect his thoughts as to just why they needed to establish some sort of base line.
           “Why? Hello? Billy, are you still there?”
           “I’m here. I was just simplifying the reason. During our time together, you will be subject to a regimen of ‘Pay Per Cum’. Simply put, there is a cumulative cost to be paid each time you climax. The cost is paid over the knee at a rate of twelve hand smacks and two leather backed brush smacks per climax. So the first time you cum, you will go over my knee for twelve swats by hand and two cracks with the leather backed brush; the second time—twenty-four swats by hand and four cracks with the leather backed brush; the third time – thirty-six swats by hand and six cracks with the leather backed brush, etc. The leather backed brush will also be used as a reminder for any repeated failures to follow instructions as follows: First warning – no penalty; Second warning – two swats; Third warning – three swats; Additional warnings – four swats. Do you still wish to proceed?”

           “Yes, please,” she answered softly.

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This is no Disney princess!


Payback is a bitch, and so at times is Cinderella. Cinderella is about to marry Prince Charming. Her evil Step Mother and Stepsisters have been convicted of high treason for their conspiracy to prevent the Prince from finding his true love, and are awaiting sentencing. Before the Prince passes sentence, Cinderella asks to take them into her custody for a year to determine whether she may speak on their behalves. The Prince grants her request, and remands the Step relations to one year under the tender mercies of Cinderella.

During this year, while Cinderella basks in the boundless love of the Prince and the joy of her first pregnancy, she applies the hard lessons she learned growing up to her Stepsisters, expressing her concern for their moral edification and well being with various paddles, straps, and even the scopula of a giant trap-door spider. Step Mother, who taught her that nothing in life is free, has to pay for her keep with sexual favors for all who provide her with any goods or services.


  1. Wow! He actually intends to spank her if she finds pleasure in their sexual activities? She's a braver lass than I. I would have told him where he could shove his deal, and gotten out of there as fast as my feet could take me. Guess I'm not a very good submissive after all. She's much more suited for him than I would be. Fascinating snippet, however.

  2. He doesn’t believe in the game of chance does he? She certainly knows what she’s getting herself into. Nice snippet :)

  3. I love how he lays everything out. The "pay per cum" is a great touch