Tuesday, July 30, 2013


If you or anyone you know used Paypal to 

pay for photo ops or anything else, you can 

open a dispute with Paypal for any services 

or goods that weren't delivered for up to 45 

days from the transaction.

If you used a debit or credit card, you may 

have additional rights to contest charges for 

services or goods that were not delivered.

Monday, July 29, 2013


Fandomfest 2013 is in the books. So it’s time to determine the winner of this year’s Alexx Momcat/Charlie Kenmore Fandomfest Neener-Neener War II.

As you recall, Charlie blew Alexx away in 2012 with his chance meeting and conversation with John Rhys-Davies. This year, fearful of another devastating loss, Alexx has a dual entry for her Neener-Neener:

A) Passing within three feet of Jason Momoa (yeah, he really is that big); and

B) Being rescued and comforted by Jason David “Tommy” Frank (with photo for proof).

Charlie, who is not breaking into a sweat, has the following for his obvious, winning Neener-Neener:

Standing a foot away from the incomparable, legendary Stan
Lee at Old Spaghetti Factory as Charlie paid the respects of 18 incredible members of the Fandomfest Literary Track. ‘Nuff said.

The rules are simple. Whoever gets the most votes wins. So who do think should win this year’s Neener-Neener war? Please, only one vote per person (unless you are from Chicago and are voting for Charlie).

Alexx Momcat & Charlie Kenmore

Note from Mom Cat:  voting for Charlie is evil


     Fandomfest 2013 is in the books, which means it is time for the Second Annual Fandomfest Awards. So without further ado:

The Award for “Best Performance In A Supporting Role” goes to Violet’s daughter for her role as “Alice” in Take My Mom’s Card, Or Else.

The “Karma Is Watching You” Award goes to Scott Sandridge for his heart-warming performance in I Told You I’d Be There.

The “OMG -- He Really Is That Big” Award goes to Jason Mamoa for just being really as big as he looks on screen.

The Award for best performance in the British/Aussie Accent category goes to Zoe Samuel.

There is a tie for best performance in the “Saving A Damsel In Distress” category for their brilliant work in Photo Op Rescues. And the winners are -- John “Captain Jack Harkness” Barrowman and Jason David “Tommy” Franks.

The “There Is A Glimmer Of Hope” Award goes to Charlie Kenmore for taking three photos in a row where you can tell the subject matter without squinting and holding the photo at arm’s length.

The “Reality Check” Award goes to the Flashing Boobs Fairies.

The “Lots Of Cute Kids, But This One Warrants Special Mention” Award goes to Kid Matt Smith Dr. Who.

The “Best Tadpoles in Show” Award goes to Susan Roddey.

The winners of the “MIA” Awards include:

            “Southern Accent”-- Tally Johnson
            “Chocolate Really Is A Sin”   -- Crymsyn Hart
            “Just ‘Cause You Didn’t Want My Story For Your Anthology Doesn’t Mean You Had To Skip the Con” -- James Tuck

The “Epic Fail” Award for least appropriate costume goes to Flash-with-a-Belly.

The “Most Disgusting But Really Cool Accessory” Award goes to Selah Janel (that’s pronounced “Sail-uh”--c’mon people, we’ve been through this!)

The “Missed Photo Op” Award goes to Charlie Kenmore for failing to carry a camera when the 40 inch tall, 5 year old girl Superhero was fighting the 6 foot 2 inch Venom.

The “Least ‘Likes’ In The Celebrity Gossip Circles” Award goes to William Shatner for just playing himself.

The “Sometimes Introspection Brings A Smile” Award goes to Colin Baker for his performance in “Hello, me” from Fangirl Dressed As Colin Baker-Doctor Who.

The “Just What Is It You’re Selling, Miss?” Award goes to Lena Leather.

The Award for “Grace Under Fire” goes to the Purple Shirt Ensemble.

The “I’m So Bubbly You Don’t Need Champagne” Award goes Allie Justice.

The Award for “Lost - Rebooted” goes to—we have a tie -- the Yellow Shirt Ensemble and the Black Shirt Ensemble.

And finally, as always, the “Thanks For All Your Hard Work From All Of Us” Award goes to, the envelope please:


That’s a wrap for this year. Thank you all for coming.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


     Last July, I made an astounding discovery. Alexx and I traveled to Kentucky for Fandomfest. There were actual, real live people there that corresponded to various electronic incarnations with whom I interacted daily. 
     For some of you, actual human interactions may be an everyday occurrence. But for those of us who work from home, it is a bit surreal. Sure, Alexx and I go grocery shopping and stop regularly for gas at the same service station. But the tellers, clerks and attendants the we deal with regularly aren’t real people, even the ones who have names. Not really. I don’t know which of their kids has been up three nights in a row. I have no idea which colleges their kids may aspire to or actually attend. I have no clue what they ate for dinner last night, or why they thought one meme or another was simply hysterical. In short, they have only a tangential bearing on my existence, and so for all intents and purposes, they do not exist.
     The corporeal entities at Fandomfest were of a different ilk. In many cases, I already knew the names of their family members, and which trials and tribulations all but kept them from attending. In some cases, I actually knew which memes they found hysterical (although I still have no clue as to why). Unlike the insubstantial inhabitants of the nether regions of my day to day existence, these individuals were front and center, their very beings constituting the central core focus that kept me moving forward from day to day.   
     As many of you are well aware, time flies (except in Russia where it walks). July is upon us once again, and Fandomfest draws nigh. Some of you who are planning to attend may view the weekend as an escape. For me, it’s a reality check, and I’m looking forward to getting real with all of you. 

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