Monday, March 10, 2014

Stir Crazy Relief 1.5 - Ken Charles' - THE PERILS OF THE “SPENCER PLAN”

     “Now, Mister! I told you three minutes ago to turn off that set! It’s 9:58, and you know the rules.”
     “B-But the game is tied, and there are less than two minutes to go!”
     “I don’t care. You know the rules. When an evening punishment is to be administered, it shall start at 10:00 p.m. sharp, without any excuses or delay. So get your ass upstairs, now!”
     “Please, have a heart. Twice a day, six days in a row! Look. Look at me. I’m still all red and swollen. Please, please, please, Maggie. Let me off just this once.”
     “What part of no excuses or delays do you not understand? Besides, as I recall, including the Spencer Plan in the antenuptial agreements was your idea. Rule Number Ten provides, ‘Spencer doctrines call for -the PROMPT ACCEPTANCE of the discipline. There must be no argument, no protest - no pleading to be let off - no hard feelings about it!’ I warned you to be careful what you asked for.”
     “Yes, you did. But you never said how much you loved to be spanked!”
     “Tough luck, Buster. You caught me smoking and that is a spankable offense. And I lied about it, so that means I get another spanking first thing in the morning. Now move it!”

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  1. Arguing is going to get him no where and worse. If one agrees, then one has agreed and there are no exceptions unless it is a dire emergency. Hindsight may clear one's vision but it doesn't mean one can change their mind. Very nice snippet.

  2. An agreement is an agreement - shame on him for not honoring his word.

  3. Nice excerpt. I liked the twist that he was sore for administering the discipline not receiving it.

  4. LOL, you got me there! Nice twist.

  5. Love how much is in such a short snippet.

  6. That is funny but at "turn off the game" I'd be finding a punishment she didn't like. Lol. Cute snippet.