Wednesday, March 19, 2014

SSB- Excerpt from Ken Charles's "There's Something Naughty About Mary"

Good evening, Saturday Spankings Bloghoppers. I'm sure you all agree that driving without insurance can be risky. If she didn't know before, Mary certainly learns this lesson in this excerpt from "There's Something Naughty About Mary" from the Naughty Ladies of Cotton Glen.

     Jack took a step back, and measured carefully with the cane. He raised his arm, and delivered a slash across the center of Mary’s waiting ass. She let out a scream as a line of fire burned through the scant protection of her panties. Before she could catch her breath, a second cut left a parallel streak of pain. A third cut just above the first left her face contorted, and her bottom in agony.

     Jeri came over and stroked Mary’s hair. “Just three more, baby, and you’re finished for tonight.” She lifted Mary’s head, “Look at me!” Jeri nodded, and Jack gave Mary a fourth searing cut across the tops of her thighs. Mary screamed again. The fifth cut was no more appealing to her. For the final cut, he slashed down on an angle, barring the gate. Mary failed to appreciate fully his artistry with the cane. But Jeri, lowering Mary’s panties noted with admiration the five red welts linked by a single angry red streak.

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  1. So well-described, I'm more certain now than ever that the cane will never be in even my darkest desires. Ow.

  2. Love the detailed and hinted eros experienced by Mary and envisioned by Jeri...

  3. I like the attention to detail in that. Caning geekery. :)

  4. There's some fun here, especially in the pattern left on her ass.