Thursday, January 16, 2014

SSB-Excerpt from Ken Charles's "Giving 110%"

‭Good evening, Saturday Spankings Bloghoppers. What do you do when you have a bit too much to drink and step way over the line at an office party and embarrass your up and coming boyfriend in front of his boss? You have to dream up creative ways to apologize, like in “Giving 110%” from Ken Charles’s The Naughty Ladies of Cotton Glen. Tonight’s snippet is part of Sally’s three part attempt to make things right with Perry, the love of her life, in the aftermath of just such an office party. Enjoy.

‭     “‬Perry lifted Sally in his powerful grip and placed her over his knee.‭ ‬He slowly raised her bright red dress,‭ ‬and lowered her shocking bright red panties to her knees.‭” 
     Sally paused in her story and slowly rolled up her own dress.‭ ‬She then peeled her bright red panties carefully down and over her bottom,‭ ‬once again revealing the delightful hillocks.‭ “‬As Perry lifted the hard red plastic hairbrush,‭ ‬he wondered how long it would take before Sally’s bottom was fully accessorized.‭” ‬That said,‭ ‬she gave herself a hard loud smack with her own red plastic hairbrush‭!

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The Naughty Ladies Of Cotton Glen
By Ken Charles
For our friends in Europe:

Eight Chapters comprised of interrelated, stand alone, short stories about the Naughty Ladies of Cotton Glen.

Thursday Afternoon Doubles

Terri, an aspiring actress with a temper, gets her career and life under control with a little help from her tennis partners: Laura, Jeri and Panda, served up in three hard sets of OTK in a locked locker room.

Lucia's Affair

When she’s not subbing into the Thursday Afternoon Doubles at the Cotton Glen Golf and Tennis Club, Lucia Morales makes time for an affair - with her husband. The affair is hot, but an unmade bed lights an extra fire.

Terri And The Producer

After her Thursday afternoon attitude adjustment, Terri promises to make amends with her producer. But sometimes, apologies take more than mere words.

There's Something Naughty About Mary

Jeri makes more than enough money to take care of her young submissive live-in lover, Mary. But to teach her some responsibility, Mary has to pay for some the bills, including part of the rent. Mary is delinquent, and Jeri grounds her while she goes off to make the deal of her career. The deal closes earlier than expected, and Jeri returns home to find Mary missing. Not only did Mary go out after being grounded, she also borrowed Jeri’s car and had an accident (while uninsured). A sound hairbrush spanking from Jeri, and a caning regimen, in lieu of payments for the damages to the other car, from its owner teach Mary valuable lessons.

Giving 110%

Laura’s younger sister, Sally, is madly in love with Perry. At the company’s annual party, after a couple of drinks too many, she makes a point of bragging to a stranger about him and how he always gives 110%, and complaining that the only thing holding him back is his stupid boss. Of course, the stranger is that boss.

When Perry does not respond to her repeated calls to apologize, Sally tries a different tack. She appears at Perry’s house and performs three skits: a naughty young lady gossips in town and earns a date with Daddy’s belt; a naughty school girl is caught by her favorite teacher making fun of the school principal; and a naughty young lady in a bright red dress shoots her mouth off a company party, and earns a session with her fully accessorized red hairbrush. Perry gets to choose one scenario, and play it out.

The Pediatrician And The Birth Of The Nereid

Lucia Morales’s pediatrician takes a well-deserved break in the Greek Isles. But some people just can’t keep work off of their minds.

Lucia's Presents

It’s only a couple of days until Lucia’s tenth anniversary, and she has no clue what to get her husband. She goes shopping with Laura at the mall, but nothing catches her eye. On the way home, however, they find a sex shop, Deus Sex Machinas - Sex Toys of the Gods. At first, Lucia is too embarrassed to even set foot in the store. But Laura drags her in anyway, and proceeds to embarrass her.

Several days later, Lucia buys her husband a collector’s print. When she goes to pick it up, it isn’t ready. So she goes for a cup of coffee, and finds herself back by the sex shop. Without Laura there to embarrass her, Lucia takes a second look in the shop. She ends up making a couple of purchases, including a leather paddle, a leather skirt and bra, and a crop. Her new toys keep her tenth anniversary night new and exciting.

Curtain Call

Everyone gets one last prance across the stage, or over the knee. Panda gets a speeding ticket. Laura needs stress relief. Mary fails to make calls for Sally’s engagement party.



  1. I just love how everything is going to match.

    *Charles, I'm going to try to try to prove I'm not a robot one more time - but it usually take me three or four tries. Could you take this off on Saturdays?

  2. It sounds like her bottom will soon be the same colour as the hairbrush ) Nice one.

  3. Oh how I love reading about a girl who's willing to smack her own bottom ;-)

  4. Oh my! I can't wait to see where this is going...

  5. Luckily she likes the colour red. Nice snippet :)

  6. Red is always best, unless of course it's a safe word.

  7. Color coordination is a must in such scenarios. I wonder which one he'll choose, or if he'll throw her out on her pert backside for embarrassing him in front of his boss. I suspect he'll play out the last one, since it's the closest to what really happened. Looks like a fun anthology, Ken.

  8. luscious, Ken! what a set up. I do so hope this helps her to atone